ACI Query

Posting this to save it, using ACI's APIC API (say that 3 times fast!) I figured out how to query for all endpoints in a Tenant, returning all information:   https://{{URL}}/api/class/fvCEp.json?query-target-filter=wcard(fvCEp.dn,"PROD")&rsp-subtree=full   Replace PROD with the tenant, that's a wildcard/regex match, so if tenant names are similar make it as unique as you can.

ACI – API Subscriptions

Placeholder notes for Cisco ACI subscriptions using nodejs ACI subscriptions require the following setup, in the following order: Login to APIC, obtain your token Create a Websocket using your token as an identifier Query the API and append subscription=yes, using your APIC token. Subscriptions expire every 60s, refresh faster than that Sounds easy, the Login … Continue reading ACI – API Subscriptions

Coding fun – let me take that back

Effectively our bot is done.  It's doing all the things we set out, receiving messages, searching for images, and replying when it finds one. However, people are fickle things, and sometimes might get offended or otherwise want something the bot has published removed. Admins of a chat group can remove anything anytime they want, but … Continue reading Coding fun – let me take that back