Employer Transitions

Inspired by Greg Ferro I have been considering, and subsequently made an employer transition recently.  This post will serve as some observations I’ve had after being in a new role for roughly 6 weeks.

  • It takes time to get comfortable with new surroundings
  • Things are different, but mostly similar everywhere in the Networking industry
  • Business and IT are frustrated at the state of our industry
  • ITIL is not fun

I’m also finding out that perspective is a funny thing.  I haven’t had many transitions in employer over the years, generally when I did it was a result of the business being purchased or closing, but it’s always been met with a measure of excitement and optimism.  Every time I’ve transitioned there are always great things, and not so great things.  This is the first time I’ve transitioned from larger to smaller, non-profit to for-profit, and yet the issues faced (political, outside of IT) are almost exactly the same.

If you haven’t read the article, go look for yourself and see if any of what Greg references sparks different perspectives.

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